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Garden care

Happy Female Gardener

Your Farm and Garden Care are Our Priority

We know the value of your farm and garden as an investment. Our goal is to help you to have a garden that’s in full health with its high-quality products, by our smart farming services. 

One of our services is advanced remote sensing techniques, with high-resolution multispectral imagery. This helps you to monitor crop and soil health. Monitoring crop and soil health leads to advantages including early disease detection, which enables prompt intervention and reduction in crop losses. Yield prediction is the second advantage that visual data helps predict crop yields. This can help farmers to harvest and distribute more effectively. 

Nowadays many companies process the data gathered by sensors, by the use of AI (artificial intelligence) to be aware of the farm conditions. Artificial intelligence solutions can also help farmers to notice potential defects and nutrient deficiencies in the soil, control the quality, and monitor climate.

With exceptional and smart farming services, Radagri is here to help you have a dreamy garden.

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