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Meet The Team

About Us

Radagri is a company aiming to help you with farming challenges. Nowadays, farming based on AI is a must in order to have a better farm with more quality products. 

The AI platform can gather data and analyze the information you need such as weather conditions, or ecosystem changes. Without the need for human experts, artificial intelligence can help you decrease your expenses and have a more effective production system.

Radagri aims to help farmers develop their businesses by the use of artificial intelligence to increase their productivity and protect the environment at the same time, but how can we help you through this process?

Using drone technology and advanced algorithms, radagri’s artificial intelligence system can study the physiological conditions of plants and growing patterns.

After that, the information will be processed. This allows you to get precise and detailed information about your farm situation, enabling you to make better decisions. 

The product we provide controls drone flight by the use of a self-learning algorithm in order to help efficiency. In addition, we intend to develop agricultural data and then provide it through the Daas mechanism.

Located in Vancouver Canada, Radagri is ready to present you with a beautiful productive garden.

If you’d like more information about our features, get in touch today.

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