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Analyzing Large Amounts of Data by Artificial Intelligence 

In the modern world, gathering and analyzing data is the most important part of everything we do. Artificial intelligence analyzes vast amounts of data (including weather, temperature, crop, etc) providing you with insights for making better decisions in different areas such as harvesting, or overall farm management. 

Predictive analytics by artificial intelligence is paving the way for agribusiness. The large amount of data will be evaluated in order to predict and track the environmental impacts on crop yield. We use data to obtain precise insights into the details of the process of farming. Therefore, with AI, you can process more data (such as humidity levels, underground water levels, or pesticide levels) in less time, analyze market demand and prognose prices, and determine optimal times for sowing and harvesting. 

Artificial intelligence can also enable fetching data from IOT devices that are installed on drones and unmanned aircraft systems. 

Precision Agriculture with AI

Nowadays, the advantages of artificial intelligence can’t be ignored. Various industries are using and benefiting from artificial intelligence, and the agriculture industry is not an exception.

‘’Precision agriculture’’ is when farmers use AI or other technologies in agriculture to increase productivity. They utilize these technologies in order to process and analyze data for decision-making and operations in the management of crop production. The most important advantage of the precision agriculture approach is that it provides the actual needs of the fields. It can also guarantee the protection of the environment. 

Radagri is with you to be professional and have a beautiful garden with high-quality products, all based on artificial intelligence.

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