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Features Make Perfection

Reduce expenses, increase productivity, and develop a sustainable ecosystem by the use of artificial intelligence. The features we provide can get you a great landscape from your garden. 

You can use real-time information to monitor your garden. There are at least 15 weather stations, and light and radiation sensors, including ultraviolet radiation, shortwave radiation, and PAR (photosynthetically active radiation).

To produce qualified products, it’s essential to monitor soil morphology and fertilizer presence. A popular and common method for this aim is measuring electrical conductivity, soil water potentials, oxygen levels, and volumetric water content.

Expert Installation by Radagri’s Specialists 

In the modern world, farming based on AI has become essential. Artificial intelligence can help you solve many challenges and reduce the disadvantages of traditional agriculture. 

Having years of experience in using AI in agriculture has made us have a customer-focused approach and involve you in every level of the job.

The Radagri expert services can help you to increase the value of your property. There are also other benefits, including:

01 Precision farming

02 Optimized weed detection, distinguishing between weeds and crops, and facilitating efficient and targeted weed control

03 Quality control

04 Biodiversity conservation

05 Rural development

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