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Monitoring agri-food product quality and safety using advanced information technologies

Poor performance in the agri-food products industry is somehow due to loss of trust between agri-food products distribution companies and the end-user. This is mainly caused by contamination and poisoning of agri-food products. According to reports, food contamination has caused profits in some major countries to decline by 50 percent. This shows the sensitive nature of the agri-food industry as a single flaw has the potential to bring down the whole industry. In addition, food production is also mainly extracted from small-scale investors. This means the sector is not fully exploited. RFID food packaging is one of the technologies being adopted to improve the status of the food supply. This technology uses RFID to identify the ingredients and the inventory of agri-food products. It utilizes disposable biosensors that produce an antigen-antibody reaction to identify any bacterial cells in the agri-food product. When bacteria thrive in an enclosed food product, the result is a biochemical reaction that would either make the food product stale or poisonous. Therefore, this technology helps the agri-food industry upgrade its monitoring systems, and the quality and safety of agri-food products are enhanced. As a result, IT has aided in the restoration of trust between consumers and manufacturers. Furthermore, since the introduction of RFID food packaging, the number of health issues associated with food poisoning or agri-food products quality has declined by more than 50 percent. RFID technology also has an additional use as biosensors used in the tags containing inventory information that can be used in supply chain management. Traceability of agri-food products from the farmer to the consumer is the other main concern in the agri-food production industry. Effective supply management is a barrier that prevents SMEs from maximizing their potential. RFID detection technology poses a remedy to this barrier; RFID stores ingredients, destination, and the appropriate geographic location of products. This helps the agri-food industry realize their market extent and as a result increase or reduce their production where necessary, thus minimizing losses. This technology enables rapid detection of poisons or derailed quality of finished agri-food products. It also enables the automatic identification of agri-food products along a supply chain.

At Radagri AI, our specialists utilize their advanced technical expertise in advanced Information technologies to provide services to the agri-food sector to enhance product quality and improve the food value chain.

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