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The Radagri AI solution links the value chain of farms with the distribution sector and increases productivity

The Food Supply Chain is of strategic importance from various economic, safety, and food security aspects. The chain ranges from agricultural producers and food processors to handlers and distributors, retailers, and ultimately consumers. In addition to transparency and visibility in the approaches to exporting food and agricultural products, disruption, damage, or threats to this chain can negatively affect the public’s trust. The various stages of the food chain include production, harvesting, processing, storage, distribution, and consumption.

The most important way to protect and create transparency and visibility in the food supply chain is to create traceability, which refers to the completeness of data and information at each stage of a process chain. For agricultural and food processes, traceability refers to recording all information related to the production process stages and all product movement in the chain.

This system, by providing constant, accurate, and relevant tracking information, allows for rapid management of emergencies and crises, assists with market access, enhances industrial competitiveness, and increases consumer confidence.

In special or critical situations, the existence of a tracking system significantly reduces the response time to the crisis and prevents its economic, social, and environmental consequences. During an outbreak of plant or animal diseases, this system will identify the affected places and areas very quickly.

The production and accessibility of food security information can contribute to transparency and awareness of suspicious cases or potential threats (those that are torn, discolored, have an odd odor or taste, etc.) within the food supply chain.

At the Radagri AI Company, we are committed to improving productivity and reducing product waste by implementing advanced technologies. As a result of this approach, we have focused more on the integration of scientific perception and new experiences in the fields of quality control systems and supply chains at the highest level along with the traditional production and distribution of agricultural products. The Radagri AI Company also attempts to remove obstacles to the implementation and deployment of systems and re-engineering the production chain and utilizing advanced technology tools to establish an efficient system for connecting the agricultural and food production value chains to the distribution sector.

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